by Dan Street

(For Ages 10 & Up)

5-Star Amazon Customer Review


It’s Halloween, and Amy’s town is gripped with fear. Two kids are missing and the police have declared a curfew to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, Amy is suffering from nightmares. Each evening she’s visited by a strange boy in a hooded jacket…

He doesn’t speak to her.

She never sees his face. 

He seems to want her to follow him…

What if there is more to fear on Halloween than ghosts and witches? What if there are real monsters who can steal you away so you’re never heard of again?

Amy’s headstrong friend Hannah thinks she knows the truth about the missing kids. She’s certain they’ve been taken by Wingnut, the strange man who lives by the railway tracks, and she enlists Amy and shy Lucy to help her prove it. 

But would you sneak out of the house in the dead of night when danger lurks around every corner?

Would you creep around Wingnut’s crumbling house by the railway tracks?

And would you risk life and limb on the moors above the town to uncover the darkest truth of all?

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