Who We Are

About the Publisher:

David G. Barnett is a UCF graduate with a degree in Radio & Television and Creative Writing, and has more than twenty years in award-winning publishing as well as graphic design. His publishing, design and business know-how is the greatest asset to Little Devil Books and its vision.


About the Editor-in-Chief:

Amy Alspach is an FSU graduate with a degree in English, and a USF post-graduate with a Master’s Degree in library science. She has 12 years-and-going in children’s librarianship and  membership in her state library organization – all of which helps keep her current in children’s literary market ‘buzz’, and makes her a valuable member of the LDB team.



Why Us?

Little Devil Books is twelve years in the making, and has renewed its vision to publish modern excellence for children and teens in the genres of mystery, suspense, scary stories/horror, fantasy and science fiction.


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